Welcome to United Advocacy of El Paso

Advocacy for all Disabilities!

United Advocacy of El Paso strives to bring awareness to the general public of the various barriers that persons with disabilities face on a daily bases in education, housing, transportation, and employment.  

We intend to leverage our partnership that has been developed over years of positive cooperation with the following groups/organizations to advocate and eliminate barriers in our community.  

• The Autism Society of El Paso 

• The Borderland Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind 

• The City of El Paso 

• Down Symdrome Coalition for El Paso 

• El Paso Community College 

• El Paso Council of the Blind 

• El Paso Desert ADAPT 

• El Paso Independent School District (EPISD) 

• El Paso County Sheriff Department 

• Goodwill Industries of El Paso 

• KVIA News Channel 7 

• La Familia Del Paso 

• MV Transportation 

• The Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) 

• The ARC of El Paso 

• The PEN Project 

• Project Amistad 

• Socorro Independent School District (SISD) 

• The Workforce Solutions Borderplex 

• Visually Impaired Persons (VIP) of El Paso  

United Advocacy of El Paso has been instrumental  in advocating for ongoing sensitivity training with the following entities:  

• City of El Paso 

• El Paso Police Department 

• El Paso County Sheriff Department 

• Workforce Solutions Borderplex  

Along with advocating for issues that impact our community of people with disabilities. 

• Spearheading the request for additional funding for our accessibility needs in the community in the amount of $750,000.00 

• The installations of JAWS into all the El Paso Libraries 6 branches, Recreational & Senior Centers 

• Making KVIA make their mobile app accessible to those with a visual disability 

• Lead the initiative of the Accessibility Summit that is now being sponsored by the City of El Paso 

• Participated in the dialogue of bringing accessible equipment to public parks and so much more  

If you wish to contact us please complete the form on our Contact Us page.

Super Thursday ACCESS 2018 Debate  

Presented to you by United Advocacy of El Paso, El Paso Leadership & Advocacy Institute along with El Paso Community College Student Government Association


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